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Plena Inclusión is a Spanish member of Inclusion Europe.

Plena Inclusión adapted the Spanish Constitution
in Easy-to-Read for persons with intellectual disabilities.

On the European Day of Persons with Disabilities,
Plena Inclusion presented the Easy-to-Read version
of the Constitution to the Spanish Parliament.

Lawyers and persons with disabilities worked on the text.

People with intellectual disabilities can now read
and understand the Spanish Constitution.


Plena Inclusión, Inclusion Europe Spanish member, has chosen the European Day of Persons with Disabilities to present an important initiative for persons with intellectual disabilities before the Spanish Parliament.

This new initiative, developed in collaboration with other organisations such as Cooperativa Altavoz and Fundación Ademo, aimed to adapt the Spanish Constitution in order to make it easy to read and understand for persons with intellectual disabilities.

First, the Constitution was made into Easy-to-Read by Dilofácil. Dilofácil is a project that creates Easy-to-Read texts and makes them available for all people with intellectual disabilities. Then, the text was reviewed by persons with intellectual disabilities and the legal team of Plena Inclusión in order to guarantee that the new version is easy-to-read while containing the necessary legal elements.

Persons with intellectual disabilities have the right to access information as stated in Article 21 of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Thanks to this initiative, persons with intellectual disabilities in Spain have now access to their Constitution in an accessible format.

You can find the Easy-to- Read version of the Spanish Constitution here