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ICOON is a German design company.

They have made a picture book.

It is a dictionary without words.

If you are having trouble being understood
you can point at a picture
to show someone what you mean.

If you cannot understand someone else,
you can ask them to point at a picture.

It is small and can fit in your pocket,
but also contains lots of images.

It is also available to download on your phone.

Find out more here.



ICOON is a German design office and publisher. They have recently released picture dictionaries originally designed for travellers, who can use the pictures to overcome language barriers. The tool has also proved useful for people who have had a stroke or aphasia, and we think it will be for persons with intellectual disabilities also.

The clear and universal design is easy to understand, all hand-drawn and designed by ICOON designer Gosia Warrink. The books contain a pool of 3,200 symbols separated by category, enabling anyone to point at an image and communicate their message.

Visual communication may also help persons with intellectual disabilities who have trouble learning new languages to travel widely and be understood. ICOON are happy to collaborate with accessible texts, using their pictograms to support the ease of understanding. They have also developed digital formats so the catalogue of images can be carried around on your phone or tablet.

If you want to learn more about ICOON, click here.